The Farm

As Joe’s three sons began to start families of their own, they saw a need for a change in the farm. Joe, Fred, Jeff, and Tom formed a partnership in 1981. The partnership was officially named Swisslane Dairy Farms. The farm expanded very quickly after the partnership was formed. In 1987, the partners milked 150 cows and needed to update from their stanchion barn to a double 12 milking parlor. Throughout the 1990s, the farm saw many changes due to the advances in technology. By the end of the decade, the partnership increased the size of the herd to 500 cows. The double 12 milking parlor became insufficient to support the increased number of cows. In 2001, the milking parlor was renovated into a parallel 16 and several new facilities were added. The expansion allowed the herd to be expanded to 1000 cows. By 2010, there had been some internal growth to bring the number of milking cows to 1,300 and acres to 3,500. Several members from the 4th generation began taking active roles in operation creating a need for another expansion. After much prayer and consideration… November 2011 an additional facility was built just north of the Main Farm and directly across the street from where Frederick and Lucy’s dreams began. SwissLane 2, or the Robot Dairy, has 8 Automatic Milking Systems to milk 500 cows.